Guidelines for connection of Distributed Energy Resources

Kingston Hydro supports those who wish to generate electricity locally and sustainably. For its efforts to facilitate connection of cleaner, greener electricity generators to the local distribution system, Kingston Hydro received the 2009 Electricity Distributors Association "Award for Environmental Excellence”.

If you are interested in connecting a generator to the Kingston Hydro distribution grid, please read the Appendix B: Guide for DER Applicants and the Distributed Energy Resources Connection Procedures documents carefully.

Currently, as of April 1, 2024, there are no restricted feeders in the Kingston Hydro distribution system.

Kingston Hydro does offer flexible hosting capacity arrangements. For further assistance, please contact

Before applying to connect a Distributed Energy Resource (DER) to the Kingston Hydro grid, be sure to inform yourself about the different approvals, standards, and revenue earning opportunities by reading the following resources. 

If you’re a residential or small business customer, including residential or small business net metering customers, who pays Time-of-Use (TOU) electricity prices, you can choose to switch to Tiered or Ultra-Low Overnight (ULO) prices., visit our Electricity Rate Choice page for the online election form and more information on the price plan options.

Ontario Energy Board documents

Distribution System Code

Distributed Energy Resources Connection Procedures

Hydro One technical interconnection requirements

Kingston Hydro uses the Hydro One technical interconnection requirements (TIR) as its basis for the technical requirements for DER proponents to adhere to. Please ensure you are familiar with the document linked below:

Distributed Generation Technical Interconnection Requirements


Appendix B: Guide for DER Applicants

Micro-Embedded Generation Facility Connection Agreement

Connection Application Form for MicroDER

Small, mid and large-sized DER facilities

Appendix B: Guide for DER Applicants

Preliminary Consultation Information Request

Connection Impact Assessment (CIA) Application

Connection Impact Assessment (CIA) Application Instructions

Overview of SCADA requirements

Connection Agreement for a Small Embedded Generation Facility or a Mid-sized Embedded Generation Facility

Information in a Connection Agreement for a Large Embedded Generation Facility

Standby generator facility

Please fill in the application for installation of a standby generator to Kingston Hydro. Also required for submission is a Single line diagram (showing the utility source, Kingston Hydro Meter(s), Transfer Switch, Generator, and Customer Load), the Transfer Switch Model Number and manual, and the Generator Model Number and Manual.

Connection Application Form for Standby Generator

CIA fee schedule

Kingston Hydro DER Application Fee