Electric Vehicle Charging Connections

Resources for Non-Residential Customers

Installing electric vehicle (EV) charging connections requires careful consideration.
We’re pleased to provide the following resources to support non-residential customers interested in installing EV charging connections such as public charging stations, workplace chargers, chargers in multi-unit residential or commercial buildings, or commercial EV fleet charging stations.

EV charging requires a lot of power, and your service or panel may require an upgrade to handle the extra load. We’re here to help guide you through the process. Explore resources below or complete a service request.

Are you a residential or small business customer? Request an EV charging connection

Flowchart illustrating the high-level process for establishing an Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment connection. The flowchart outlines the steps and timelines involved for both the customer and the distributor. Steps include: 1. Customer review of information. 2.	Customer and distributor: Preliminary consultation (15 calendar days). 3. Customer submits connection request (15 calendar days) 4. Distributor reviews information. If incomplete, loop back to

Connecting EV charging stations

Step 1: Preliminary consultation

Complete the preliminary consultation form to start the process to request an EV connection.

If your preliminary consultation request is for multiple sites, please download our excel form and email the completed form to ServiceAdvisors@UtilitiesKingston.com with the subject line “EVPCIR Multiple Sites” and your project name.

Within 15 days of submitting a complete preliminary consultation form, we will respond with information on the estimated capacity at the connection point, details of any estimated modifications or additions to the system for capacity, and estimated connection complexity.

Meetings to discuss the preliminary consultation response are available at no cost. Please contact ServiceAdvisors@UtilitiesKingston.com to request a meeting.

Step 2: Formal Connection Request

Once you have reviewed the preliminary consultation response and are ready to proceed, submit a connection request.

Within 15 days of submitting a connection request form, we will respond to confirm if additional information is required.

If the proposed charging station does not require a modification or addition to the distribution system, we will provide you with confirmation to proceed with your installation and we will inform you about any remaining process requirements.

Step 3: Offer to Connect

If the installation proposed requires modifications or additions to the Kingston Hydro distribution system, we will respond with an offer to connect within 60 days of your formal connection request.

This offer to connect will include connection descriptions, contact information, distributor and customer work requirements, energization conditions, cost summaries and information for connection costs, expansion deposits, capital contributions, payment methods, and contract acceptance. Additional information will be provided as needed.

Step 4: Project Development and Construction

Our teams will complete the connection installation after the Customer/Owner accepts the offer to connect and completes any necessary payments.

We will work with you to proceed to the connection installation. We will advise if our work can be completed in parallel to yours. Please discuss with your primary contact at Utilities Kingston.

Step 5: Energization

Kingston Hydro will energize the facilities within set timelines after all necessary work is complete and service conditions are satisfied.

Step 6: Final Economic Evaluation

After energizing the installation, we will evaluate credits or the need to pay any additional amounts upfront related to the connection cost, expansion deposit, and capital contributions outlined within the offer to connect and revenue horizons