Guidelines For Generators of Electricity

Kingston Hydro supports those who wish to generate electricity locally and sustainably. For its efforts to facilitate connection of cleaner, greener electricity generators to the local distribution system, Kingston Hydro won the 2009 Electricity Distributors’ Association “Award for Environmental Excellence”.

If you are interested in connecting a generator to Kingston Hydro’s distribution grid, please read the “Guide for Distributed Generators” carefully.

Whether you are installing a backup generator to provide power to essential loads during outages, solar panels under the Province’s Feed In Tariff program, or a cogeneration unit to provide heat and electricity for your business, Utilities Kingston Services Advisors are available to help you through the grid connection process. They can be reached at 613-546-1181 extension 2285.

Before applying to connect a generator to Kingston Hydro’s grid, be sure to inform yourself about the different approvals, standards, and revenue earning opportunities by reading the following resources.

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